Download GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version 2021

Download GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version 2021

05 Agosto 2020

The internet has transformed our world and nearly all of our individual lives, from having all the information in the world at your fingertips to instant communication with anyone, anywhere. For the latter, WhatsApp serves as the most popular instant messaging app, with over a billion users per day. As a free text messaging and media sharing service, WhatsApp has a lot to offer. However, some features are still missing. GBWhatsapp is one of the many best known MODs and below I will explain in detail what it offers and how to download the latest version.

Main Features

  • Themes : Themes are one of the best features of the mod. They allow you to change the layout of the app whenever you want, as many times as you want. Several themes are already available and the developer is constantly adding new ones.

  • Privacy options : GBWhatsApp includes additional privacy settings which are not available in the official app. These allow you to hide / show your online status, hide / show blue check marks and hide / show double check marks, typing status, etc.

  • App lock : app lock allows you to request a sequence, a PIN, password or fingerprint to log into the app and access individual chats. This adds a layer of security and keeps your messages hidden even from people who have access to your phone. PIN and password can be displayed as you type if desired.

  • No contact list required : with GBWhatsApp you can send messages to any number , regardless of whether or not they are in your contact list.

  • Sharing media : with WhatsApp you can share all types of media, from documents to images, GIFs and videos. However, with Whatsapp it is possible to transfer a relatively small file. With GBWhatsApp this limit is increased to 700MB, a significant improvement for things like sharing long videos.

  • Sharing images at full resolution : while image compression performed by WhatsApp can make sending images a little faster, the resulting quality is rather poor. GBWhatsApp allows the sharing of full resolution images. No more grainy or pixelated photos!

  • Pin Chat : you can add up to 1000 chats with GBWhatsApp, instead of only three.

  • Privacy : some numbers can be blocked for certain hours of the day, guaranteeing complete privacy control.

  • Stickers : Stickers are available on the Play Store.

For the rest I leave you to discover the many other features of this MOD!

Download and Installation

Before downloading the APK go to the settings of your Android device. Once there, find the Security option and select it.

In the security options, it should be a selection for Unknown origins . By default, it will be disabled. Enable this by tapping or clicking, ensuring that apps from unknown sources can be installed. Confirm your choice in the pop-up window that appears and go to the next step (some phones may have this selection in Privacy   or Additional settings) .

Now download GBWhatsapp

Once downloaded click on Install ( ATTENTION:   until the "Install" button appears, some warnings may appear. These can be safely ignored).

Once installed, all you have to do is follow the various steps to verify your phone number (like on Whatsapp) and that's it!

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