How to create memes on android

How to create memes on android

25 Gennaio 2019

Lately, funny pictures are posted on social networks accompanied by funny phrases. These images are called memes. The meme is a nice image that, combined with a sarcastic phrase, generates the hilarity of the viewer. Would you like to create your very own memes and share them on your social profiles to increase the number of followers or simply to entertain your friends? Below we recommend an app to create custom memes in a simple and intuitive way.

Using the Meme Generator Free application

Download and install the application at the following address.
Once opened you will be shown a list with all the memes updated month by month.
Select the meme you want to customize, then click on " ADD SENTENCE "to add a custom phrase in the image.
It is also possible to add Emoji stickers by clicking on" + STICKERS ".
Once you have created your personalized meme click on" SAVE "to save it in your gallery.

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