How to find people who don't follow you on instagram

How to find people who don't follow you on instagram

14 Novembre 2018

Are you sure that all the people you follow on instagram follow you? With these applications you can find out.

Using Unfollowers for Instagram application

Download and install on your device   this   application.

After installing it, open it and log in with your Instagram account.

When you are logged in, in the opening window you will find a list of all the people who do not follow you in no particular order.

You do not you have to do is press the "UNFOLLOW" button placed in part to the name of the person in question to stop following them.

In this app you can also stop following the people who they already follow you (just move to the "Mutual" item placed in part under the "Recent unfollowers" item) or you can see the people who have visited your profile (by going to the "Fans" item) and finally you can also see how many likes and how many comments posted a certain person on your Instagram photos or videos (by going to "Ghosts" and "Last comments").

Using the Unfollow for Instagram application

An alternative to the previous application tooth is Unfollow for Instagram that you can download at   this   address.

The part that struck me most is its simplicity in use as well as the low weight that occupies your device.

Compared to Unfollowers for Instagram, Unfollow for Instagram offers a very attractive user interface making it much easier to learn.

Here too, to stop following people who do not follow you, just press the "UnFollow" button.

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