How to increase instagram followers

How to increase instagram followers

05 Febbraio 2019

Increasing their followers on Instagram is a goal that many people try to achieve, also because, unlike Facebook, here the increase often leads to a growth in engagement, likes and comments that come from followers. It can be daunting (especially in the beginning) to have a few followers who are limited to our few friends. Below we will explain some techniques and strategies to start increasing your followers.

Linking Intagram to Facebook

The first thing to do to start having more followers is to connect the Instagram account with the Facebook account (About 30% of Facebook users have an account on Instagram, so your friends won't have any problems following you here too. ).
After registering, go to your profile and click on the 3 dots at the top right.
Scrolling down, you will find an item called "Connected accounts", you just have to click on it and then click on "Facebook" to link your Instagram account with the Facebook one.
Obviously, if you are registered in several social networks, I recommend that you link your Instagram account with other social networks as well.

Posting original photos

This technique may seem trivial to you, but it is essential to start being successful on Instagram.
I therefore recommend that you post only original photos and, if possible, also use filters that attract attention.

Through Likes and Comments

Another way to increase your followers is to Like the photos of other users (just go to the "Explore" section of Instagram), or comment on them.

Writing in English

This is not nonsense, this is also a technique to increase Instagram followers. If your intentions are to become really popular you will need to target an international audience.

Posting at the right times

Choose the right times (Usually Sunday or Monday evening). In addition, it has been statistically proven that posting a photo every 3 hours greatly increases the organic reach of the post.

Posting popular hashtags

This is one of the most functional strategies. Insert several very popular and relevant hashtags to your photo, it will increase the likes in a dizzying way.
To know the most popular hashtags I suggest you download this app on your Android device or simply by going to this address.

Following #firstpost

In the Instagram search bar, look for the hashtag #firstpost and start following as many people as you can.
Newly subscribed users on Instagram are more likely to return the follow .

Using the hashtag Followers Insights application

Download and install on your device this application.
Once opened, enter your username.
Now go to "Earn Coins" and start clicking repeatedly on the "Like + 1" button.
Once you have reached "200" coins (or more), go to "Followers", scroll down and click on "x 10" (Obviously you can choose the badget you prefer based on the coins you have accumulated).
In less than 20 minutes you will receive your followers for free.
If you want to get Likes on you or posts, in the "Likes" section, choose the post that is right for you and select the like badget you would like to have on your post.

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