How to know who has your number in dress book

How to know who has your number in dress book

20 Dicembre 2018

Sometimes it might be interesting to find out if a person has stored our phone number in the address book or if they have not yet done so. Below we will explain some ways to find out.

Using Whatsapp

In particular we rely on Broadcast Lists .
The trick is to send a new broadcast message to two or more contacts: one of them must be a person you are sure has saved your number in the phone book and the other (or the others) must be someone you are not sure has memorized your number.

To start we have to create our broadcast list, then we open whatsapp, press the 3 dots placed at the top right and let's do "New Broadcast". Now, you have to select the people you want to include in the broadcast: in the contact list that appears on the screen, include both a person who you are sure has saved your number in their address book and the person you are not sure if they did, pressing on their names and then pressing the button representing the white (V) on a green background (located at the bottom right).

At this point, all you have to do is type any message (for example a simple "Hi! How are you doing?") And send it. After sending it, press and hold on the message you forwarded, press on the three dots symbol located at the top right and select the Info item from the menu that opens.

In the screen that opens, you can know if the message has been delivered and possibly read and, if so, by which contacts: if the name of the person you suspected had saved your number in the phonebook does not appear under the heading Delivered, it means that he has not stored your number on his phone. If, on the other hand, his name appears, the message you sent has actually been delivered and, therefore, your number is saved in his address book.

Using the Me App application

Me App is a real social platform that replaces the old address book by offering you the possibility to search for contacts and telephone numbers in an innovative and fun way.
In particular, you will be able to discover the name with which your friends have saved in their address book as long as they have installed Me App of course. You can also find out if someone, without your knowledge, has memorized your number.

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