How to move on applications on sd and free up space on android

How to move on applications on sd and free up space on android

27 Dicembre 2018

Sometimes we find ourselves with the phone memory full and being bombarded with error notifications due to the lack of free space in our memory. So how to solve the problem without having to delete our apps? Here you will find the solution to your questions.

Move apps via system settings

Open your phone's system settings and go to "Applications". Subsequently, after selecting the app to transfer, press the "Move to memory card" option. If this method does not work or is not available for that particular app then you will have to perform a forced transfer that you find in the second method.

Force move via Link2SD

To force the move we will use the Link2SD application that you can find here.
To use it, however, you must first be rooted on your android.
After being rooted, you will need to create a second partition on the sd where we will move all our apps. Nothing too complicated.
To create this partition you can use the MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition program. Once the minitool partition window has been installed and opened, right-click on the item related to your sd (under the blue bar) and choose the item "Move / Resize". From the window that opened you can use the graph to resize the memory of the sd and create space for our partition (I recommend leaving a 60/40 ratio by moving the orange bar from left to right). When you are done click on "Ok" and then on "Apply" which you find at the top left and then on "Yes". and select "Create" from the program menu.
Then click on "Yes" and fill out the form that is proposed to you in order to create a primary partition (Primary) using the FAT32 file system. Make sure you have selected all the free space available on your sd (using the wording Size and location) and apply the changes by clicking first on "Ok" and then on "Apply" and finally "Yes".
Now re-insert the sd in your phone and open Link2SD. You will be asked what type of file system we used. Click on "FAT32 / FAT16" (If there are any problems then compile the partition in Ext2 in the previous module and select Ext2 on the app).
Please allow reboot. Once the phone has restarted you can move and delete the apps with Link2SD.
To do this, simply click on the app you want to move and then click on the "move to sd" item.
Also with the Plus version of Link2SD it will be possible to create symbolic links to move all system and app data to the sd card using the "link to SD card" option.

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