How to post full photos on instagram stories

How to post full photos on instagram stories

09 Gennaio 2019

Very often it will have happened to you that the images you post on instagram stories are not formatted correctly: they can appear larger or even smaller. Below we will explain how to resize the images to be able to publish them in full on the instagram story.

Rotating the image 90°

One way to post a whole photo on the instagram story is to rotate it 90°.
Using a photo editing software or an editing suite installed on your device (or downloaded from the Play Store) turn the 90° image.
Once done, go back to instagram and publish the photo you just edited.

Using the No Crop app for Instagram

Download and install on your device No Crop for Instagram .
Its use is simple and intuitive.
This application acts as a real photo editing tool. In fact, it is possible to crop the image, add text, apply special effects on the image or even overlay 2 or more images.
All you have to do is click on "Edit" and choose the image that is right for you . Then click on the share button at the top right.
Now if you want to save the image on your gallery press the first icon, if you want to publish it directly on instagram press the second icon.

Using the No Crop Story for Instagram app

If you want a lighter application that you only need to resize images for instagram stories then I recommend that you download and install No Crop Story for Instagram on your device.
First what click on "Add Photo" and select the image that is right for you. Here too you have a panel where you can edit the image to your liking.
Finally click on "Save" to save the image to your gallery.

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