How to see a ghost on Android [TESTED]

How to see a ghost on Android [TESTED]

27 Giugno 2021

Are you trying to capture paranormal activity near you using your smartphone? Below I will list some apps that will allow you to easily capture ghost videos and photos. I would like to clarify that unfortunately many similar apps run around the web with the sole purpose of entertainment (and therefore they are not true) and these applications will not be mentioned in the following article as, in fact, not true.

Using the GhostTube SLS application

This application is also used by many Italian GhostBusters (including PITs).

It works very similar to Kinect cameras and use your phone's camera to identify human figures and bodies.

As soon as something is detected, the application will notify you with a sound .

It is also possible to take pictures and create videos.

Using the Ghost Vision Camera application

Unlike the other application this allows you to see everything around you in negative .

This way it will be more simple to see paranormal figures around you.

Also includes a fully functional EMF for detection one of electromagnetic fields and even here if something is detected the app will notify you.

It is possible only to take pictures.

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