How to share internet connection

How to share internet connection

11 Giugno 2019

Have you run out of gigabytes of the stick and need to surf the net? No problem!!! You can use the internet of your smartphone

The use of tethering or the technology that allows internet access to devices without it through a mobile device, is nowadays part of the everyday life of most people. Below we see the configuration and use of the mobile hotspot function of our smartphone.

Given the wide diffusion of the Android operating system, in this article we will see the configuration of the mobile hotspot of a common android smartphone.

First we enable the WiFi Hotspot by opening the settings of our android device and go to the Network and Internet section.

Settings → Network and Internet → Hotspot and tethering

share internet connection

Subsequently we dedicate ourselves to the actual configuration of the hotspot, that is to assign the name of the Hotspot network and to manage the security of the latter.

Furthermore, as we can see in the and, in this section we can customize our network by setting password and network name by clicking on the corresponding textbox. For ease of use it is recommended to set a consistent and simple SSID (hotspot name). Usually the credentials are already predefined but it is highly recommended to change them for safety and efficiency.

Once the configuration is done, your android smartphone will be visible as a common router from the other devices which can connect to it to surf the internet.

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