How to solve math problems using android

How to solve math problems using android

04 Luglio 2021

Stop telling your friends and classmates: "help me solve math problems", with this article that we present to you today, you will be able to solve math problems on your own!

Using Gauthmath

Gauthmath is a very lightweight application to solve most math problems .

Once opened, all you have to do is frame the text of an exercise and take a picture of it. Subsequently, the app will ask you for your degree and once entered it will call a tutor in flesh and blood who will help you in solving the exercise step by step.

Unfortunately the The app allows you to solve only 3 exercises per week , but you can get more tickets by inviting your friends by sharing your invitation code.

Using PhotoMath

You've almost certainly heard of PhotoMath.

If you don't know what it is, I'll briefly explain what it is. It is one of the most used applications for solving math problems of any kind. Compared to the previous one, here you can solve infinite exercises : either by taking a picture of the exercise or by handwriting the problem.

The app, once the input is finished, will solve it for you by giving you a very detailed explanation of the steps that have been made... even the most trivial ones!  

It is also possible to have a graphical estimate of the equations or six linear systems.

Using Mathway

Mathway is an application very similar to the previous ones, if not to say, a valid alternative .

Also here or by taking a picture of the exercise or writing the problem by hand, the application automatically solves it by showing you some steps (the more complex steps are only accessible to subscribers).

Using Algemator

Algemator this is also an app very similar to PhotoMath but with many more functions including: Equation solver, Formulation of the plane equation , Simplification of terms and functions , Intersection calculation between two functions , etc

Having many more functions, que This application can be for the first few times not very intuitive and not easy to use.

Using Cymath

Cymath is very similar to PhotoMath with the only difference that the former is in English .

With the Premium version you can get further help from expert tutors in the field.

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