How to take 360-degree panoramic photos

How to take 360-degree panoramic photos

06 Novembre 2018

Panoramic photography is a photography technique applied to many Android cameras. This technique allows Android to capture images with elongated horizontal fields of view. Fantastic 360 degree panoramic photo offers more fun experience about photography. Unfortunately, many Android devices do not come with this feature. Here are some apps that are right for you.

Using the Facebook application

Facebook integrates a feature that allows you to take 360 ​​° photos and publish them quickly within the social network itself.
(If you have not yet installed Facebook, download it at this link). Once the application is open, press the text field corresponding to the item "What are you thinking about?".
From the menu you see on the screen, press the words "360 ° photo", then press the "OK" button "and get ready to take the panoramic photo.
There are two modes to take a panoramic photo (visible by pressing the button with the round symbol located at the bottom right): the first takes a panoramic photo, while the second is used to create a spherical photo.
Now you just have to frame the surrounding environment, keep the cursor you see on the screen in the center and rotate the device in the frame (you have to follow the lines you see on the screen), until the end of the shot.
Once finished click on the "X" to save the panoramic photo to your device memory.

Using the Panorama 360 application

Download and install this application on your Android device .
Once opened click on the "CAPTURE" button and when you feel ready click on the button the camera at the bottom. Once clicked, all you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions.
Unfortunately, to take pictures in high definition you have to buy the application (€ 2.69).

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