How to take surveys on whatsapp

How to take surveys on whatsapp

10 Maggio 2019

Would you like to know better the tastes of your friends on a certain topic and, to do so, have you thought about creating a survey on WhatsApp? Currently WhatsApp does not integrate a function that allows you to create polls. This means that you must necessarily contact third-party services that allow you to create surveys and then share them on the well-known messaging platform. Below we will list some third-party sites where it will be possible to create unique and captivating surveys.

Using Straw Poll

Straw Poll is one of the most used survey sites in the world and is preferred for its total ease of use. A peculiarity of strawpoll not to be underestimated is the possibility of identifying the IP numbers of each user so as not to allow duplicate votes. Another interesting element is the possibility of inserting comments.

The surveys created with this tool can be shared through links or incorporated into web pages.

Once you have the sharing link, all you have to do is post it to your WhatsApp status.

Using Poll Junkie

Poll Junkie will help you take quick free surveys without registering.

The homepage of Poll Junkie is simple and gets to the point. Click the big blue button to get started, then add the survey title and survey due date. You can choose to enter your email address if you wish to receive the shareable survey links via email. You can also set the privacy settings for the survey, making it available to everyone and adding it to the "Open Polls" section of the Poll Junkie website or limiting it to the respondents you choose to share links with.

In terms of question types, you can choose between a multiple choice, a rating from 1 to 10, a ranking (1st, 2nd, 3a ...) or an open text and Poll Junkie saves your work as you go. You can exit your browser and return to Poll Junkie later, where you will be asked to continue where you left off.

After you create a poll, Poll Junkie provides you with links to share your poll, see the results, log into the admin page and edit the poll.

Using Polltab

Whether you embed a survey on your website, share it directly on social media or direct users to a link, you always run the risk of getting spam votes , but especially online trolls can flood your survey with fake answers. You can add safeguards, such as limiting multiple votes from the same IP address or adding a CAPTCHA form, but Polltab goes a step further by requiring attendees to log into their Google, Facebook, Reddit or Twitch accounts before they can cast one vote.

Enter your poll question and answer options, and a preview live will appear on the right side of the screen. Then, use the slider at the bottom of the poll generator to set the security level of the vote. Swipe all left to allow unlimited voting. Swipe right to request access to Google, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitch to vote. For any selected third-party authentication, the Vote button in the live preview will be dynamically updated. For example, if you need a login with Reddit, the button will change to say Vote with Reddit.

When you are ready to publish the survey, you will get a custom URL that you can distribute. There is no clear way to view the survey results, so as a workaround, if you add / results to the end of the survey URL, you will be able to see votes as soon as they enter.

Using Xoyondo

Surveys are often used to get an aggregate view of people's preferences. For example, you want to find out if people prefer creamy or crunchy peanut butter. You don't care who voted for creamy or crunchy: you just want to know which one won the majority of the votes.

With Xoyondo you can create "opinion polls" "which allow you to see which respondents voted for which option. These opinion polls are set up exactly like Doodle, the online calendar tool (but the two apps are not affiliated with each other).

Opinion polls are free to create and you don't even need a Xoyondo account. But if you're planning to create multiple surveys, you might as well sign up for the free account to better manage and organize your surveys in one place (rather than having to go back to each individual link to see the responses).

Creating an opinion poll follows the same steps as a regular, anonymous poll. Enter the title of the survey, an optional short description of the survey, and type the survey responses. You can set the poll settings, choosing to make it an anonymous poll (where you can only see the votes in the admin console), only allowing participants to vote for an option, or to receive email notifications whenever someone votes or comments. survey.

Once you complete the survey, you will get two links: one to share with participants and one for you to go back and make changes to the survey. As the votes begin to come, you will see the results in tabular format. The names of each participant will be in a column on the left side, the answer options will be a row that runs at the top of the table and a green check mark will be displayed in the center of the table for the selected options and red X is for those they weren't.

Using SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is the world's number one survey platform. In addition, it offers advanced solutions that make it easy to capture the opinions of the people who matter most, to turn them into actionable information.

You can choose from 15 different types of questions, including questions to multiple choice, text box, Net Promoter® Score and A / B comparisons. if you don't know what to ask, you can choose from over 1,600 questions written by survey experts. With a PLUS plan, you can also ask an unlimited number of questions and collect an unlimited number of answers to make sure you have all the data you need.

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