How to write with different fonts on instagram

How to write with different fonts on instagram

01 Ottobre 2018

On instagram both in the story mode, both in the bio and when you have to post a photo on your profile you can write in different ways such as in italics, bold and others and also changing the color of your writings and inserting various effects to them and using different styles. Below we will list some ways for you to change fonts on instagram.

Using a website

Go to the following site and enter in the left window the text you want to publish on Instagram and for which you want to change font. In the right window, automatically, the text will be transformed into many new fonts. Now you just have to copy the text with the font you like the most and paste it where you want it to appear on Instagram (Bio, photo description, comments ..).

Using the Fonts application

Download and install on your android device this application. When the download is complete, start the app, press on 'Your text here' and write the message you want. As you type, the text will automatically appear under each font in the app list. To select and copy the desired font, press the text that appears with a different style under each font available.
Now, open the Instagram app again and choose what you want to do with the text you just copied. You can insert it both in a new Story and in your bio, as well as in a post or comment.

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