The best alternatives to facebook

The best alternatives to facebook

24 Dicembre 2018

That the official Facebook applications are heavy, in general poorly optimized and often guilty of excessive battery consumption on Android smartphones is now a known fact. Despite the many updates, the situation has not changed even today and a new test underlines how Facebook can be "deleterious" for your device, especially for the old top of the range. Below we will list some alternative Facebook clients (lighter and faster).

Using the Facebook Lite application

Facebook Lite offers minimal graphics that echo that of Facebook (albeit in a simplified version). Compared to the official application we have fewer functions in the menu and the app, at first glance, is less attractive, as well as being faster.
One of the advantages is the lower battery consumption compared to the official app.

Facebook Lite you can download it at this address.

Using the Metal application

The latter has nice graphics, clean and fast.
Its true the advantage is above all that of being able to have a platform that contains both the Facebook and Twitter account and to have only one app to manage social networks.
Convenient the possibility of blocking the app using the fingerprint reader.

Metal you can download it at this link.

Using the Friendly application

The graphics are minimal but immediately give a sense of order, with the feeling that everything is in place in the right place.
We have the ability to select a theme to change the app's appearance, selectively manage the various notifications and sort the news from the home by choosing between "most recent" and "main news".

Friendly you can download it at this link.

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