The player must guide a yellow spherical creature, called Pac-Man, making it eat all the numerous dots scattered neatly inside the maze and, in doing so, must avoid being touched by four "ghosts", otherwise the immediate loss of one of the available lives. To make it easier for the player, there are four special "power pills" at the corners of the game screen that turn the situation upside down by making the ghosts vulnerable, which turn blue and, for exactly 10 seconds, reverse theirs. gear; to earn points, it is possible in this phase to hunt the same ghosts, to eat them. Once engulfed, however, they return to the base (the rectangle in the center of the screen) in the form of a pair of eyes, to regenerate and attack Pac-Man again. Having completed a maze by engulfing all the dots, Pac-Man moves on to the next one, identical in structure.



Le palline disseminate lungo il labirinto valgono 10 punti ognuna (in tutto il labirinto ce ne sono 240, per un totale di 2 400 punti) mentre le power pill ne valgono 50 (per un totale di 200 punti).
The points obtained will then be converted into Mondo-Tech coins with the following calculation:  (Score - 14000)

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