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Windows 8.1 significantly changes Microsoft's operating system by adding numerous improvements; Among the main innovations of Windows 8.1 is the reintroduction of the Start button (which however remains only a shortcut to the Start screen), the optimization for screens from 7 / 8 inches, improved support for high resolutions and for the use of multiple applications in Modern UI mode (the so-called Multitasking), compatibility with 3D printers, an improved Internet Explorer 11 as well as the search function now capable of deliver global results via Bing, a new file manager in Modern UI mode, a new integration with OneDrive to which you can now save directly.
The Start screen has been improved with the possibility of using Live Tiles in four sizes (small, medium, large and large) of which the small and large are new, support for Miracast has been born, the Windows Store has been completely renewed and now has a new graphical interface that is easier to use, the settings in Modern UI mode are significantly improved and you can do without the Control Panel.
New Modern apps (also called Windows Store apps or Metro apps) have been added including: Windows Calculator (with unit converter); Scanner; Bing Health and Wellness; Bing Food and Drink; Guide. The existing ones have been improved: Mail, Calendar and Contacts, Camera, Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Skype, Games, PDF reader, Weather, Fresh Paint, Bing Finance, Bing News, Bing Sport. You can also pin Modern apps to the taskbar.


The Windows Start button is back, which functions as a shortcut to the Start screen, and does not activate a Start Menu like it did in previous operating systems.

You can choose whether to display the Start screen or the desktop at system startup.

You can manage multiple apps at the same time, for example you can uninstall multiple apps, while before you could uninstall only one app at a time, or resize the tiles of multiple apps at the same time.

The PC settings screen allows you to check all settings without having to use the control panel, even if some advanced settings are missing.

The lock screen can be used as a digital photo frame that displays photographs of your choice, even those uploaded to OneDrive, the cloud service offered by Microsoft.

The installed apps can be managed better, for example, you can sort the numerous apps by name, use, date of installation and type.

Newly installed apps (even desktop apps) are labeled "What's New".

The search function, integrating it with Bing; now in the searches will appear, in addition to the results found on the PC, also the results found on the web and on OneDrive.

Cloud integration now allows you to save, view and edit files directly from OneDrive, rather than from your computer hard drive, but the same thing can also be achieved with other clouds thanks to new APIs.

New backgrounds to the start screen have arrived, including dynamic ones, and new colors, and you can also use the desktop background.

The Windows Store has been completely renovated, now it has a new, more user-friendly graphical interface.

The Tiles now take on different colors for the icons of the desktop applications, in practice they take on the predominant color of the icon, and therefore do not all have the same color as on Windows 8.

You can force the tile animation to be turned off, on Windows 8 there was a way to override the setting.

The Start screen can be better customized: two new tile sizes have arrived (now there are 4 in all: small, medium, wide and large), one larger and one smaller.

Internet Explorer has been updated to version 11 with various improvements: faster page rendering and greater touch screen support.

Introduction of native support for 3D Printing.

Optimized for 7/8 inch screens.

Improved support for high resolutions.

Reduced the minimum resolution to use the Snap View function (to view multiple apps at the same time, called Multitasking), from 1366x768 to 1024x768, for displays with a diagonal of less than 10 inches.

You can view two apps at the same time that occupy a variable screen space that can be resized as you prefer, rather than occupying 70% and 30% or 50% as in Windows 8. Also the number of apps that can be placed side by side on the same screen is increased to 4.

Support has arrived for Miracast, to transmit and view the image wirelessly on compatible TVs.

Support for the new ReFS file system through Storage Spaces.

Improved sharing of apps, it is now possible to send a screenshot as well as the data provided by the app.

The search form is now in the app title bar, the search in the Charm Bar is for universal Bing search.

Pseudonative support for 3G / 4G connection (only via manufacturer's driver) as well as internet sharing via bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Added multi-monitor support for Modern apps and screenshots.

The explorer has been improved and Collections have been hidden.

Release year:

 17 ottobre 2013




  • A computer with a 1 GHz processor (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • 1 GB of memory for 32-bit systems and 2 GB for 64-bit systems

  • At least 20 GB free on the hard drive

  • DirectX 9 Video Card with WDDM 1.0 Driver

  • Windows 8.1 [2022]

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  • Windows 8.1 [2022]

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  • Windows 8.1 [2022]

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Windows 8.1 [2022]iso eng Windows 8.1 [2022]iso eng Windows 8.1 [2022]iso eng


Windows 8.1 [2022]

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  • In the window that appears, then indicate the path where you want to save the file once it has been assembled and extracted (using the Destination Path field at the top ) and click on the OK button, to start the procedure.
    Next, you will find the file that was contained in the archive in the location you indicated above.

Archive Password: mondotech9
Windows 8.1 x32 [2021]
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