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Microsoft Windows 95 (code name Chicago), commonly known as Windows 95, is a proprietary operating system of Microsoft Corporation belonging to the Microsoft Windows family and dedicated to IBM PCs and compatible with Intel 80386 or higher processor. It is the successor of Microsoft Windows 3.x and was later replaced by its successor Windows 98. Released on August 24, 1995 and marketed until 2001, Windows 95 is the first 16/32 bit graphic interface hybrid operating system in the Windows 4 family. .x. The market launch of Windows 95 was accompanied by a huge advertising campaign that featured on television the song of the Rolling Stones Start Me Up, a song that alluded to the newest functionality of the software: the "Start" menu. Windows 95 spread rapidly among the users of personal computers, allowing Microsoft to establish itself definitively on the operating systems market and to assume a dominant position also in the years to come. What allowed this system to spread among home users was the innovative graphics, which greatly simplified the use of the computer compared to previous versions and other competing operating systems, but above all the much more affordable price compared to more expensive OS like those of Apple.

Release year:

 24 Agosto 1995




  • 4 megabytes (MB) of memory (8 MB recommended)

  • 50-55 MB of disk space required to install Windows 95

  • VGA or higher resolution

  • Windows 95

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  • Windows 95

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  • Windows 95

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Windows 95iso eng Windows 95iso eng Windows 95iso eng

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It is advisable to install the following operating system on a virtual machine ( VirtualBox , VMware , etc).

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Windows 95
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