How to browse the deep web

How to browse the deep web

11 Ottobre 2018

It has become one of the most popular topics on the net, and just about the net (of the dark side of the net) speaks. The deep web is a network of alternative sites to the classic www, where the only law in force is that of privacy and confidentiality. Anyone can access the deep web and browse the most particular (and often less legal) sites you can find online. If you too are interested in attending the digital meanders teeming with anonymous hackers, conspiracy theorists and criminals of all kinds, here is the guide on how to enter the deep web.

Using Tor Browser

Download and install Tor in a folder of your choice at   this   address.
Once installed, enter the folder, launch the "Start Tor Browser" link and wait for the initial configuration to finish.

Tor is a free and open source browser that allows you to browse anonymously both on normal websites and access the deep web. Tor is NOT a VPN, therefore it does not allow you to create an anonymous and encrypted connection, so it is best to use it with great caution.
A good VPN to use as a backup for Tor Browser is   NordVPN   (paid).

Once you have finished the initial setup, you will see the Tor home screen (very similar to Firefox). From now on you can browse the Deep Web sites (List of Deep Web sites (to be opened with Tor):   HERE).

Use Tor with great caution, but above all do not improvise yourself as a hacker!

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