How to check the pc temperature

How to check the pc temperature

20 Ottobre 2018

Controlling the temperature of the PC can be absolutely essential to avoid overheating or malfunctions of some components of the computer or its cooling systems, acting promptly can prevent irreversible damage from being caused. Below we will list some programs that monitor the temperatures of all hardware components.

Using the Bios of the pc

First restart your computer.
Before the Bios POST screen disappears as soon as you turn on your computer, press the BIOS key (If you don't press the key in time, your computer will boot normally and you will have to try again.).
The key varies according to your hardware manufacturer. The keys are typically F2, F10 and Del (The correct key will be indicated in the manufacturer logo screen).
Once in   Bios, look for the entry "Monitor Hardware". If you do not find it, try to search for items similar to the following: H / W Monitor, Status, PC Health, etc.

In the tab that appears, you can check the temperature of the CPU and of the system in general, fan speed etc.

The temperature limit of your CPU varies by model, but generally this value should be below 75 °C. Check your CPU documentation to determine the exact critical temperature.
Check other temperatures. When you check the temperature of your CPU, it also checks the status of the rest of the system. Most hardware monitors will also report motherboard temperature, graphics card temperature, and in some cases the ambient temperature inside the case.

Using the Core Temp program

Download and install on your pc   this   program.
Once installed, a series of values will appear on the taskbar. These values correspond to the temperature of each single core of your CPU (2 values = 2 cores).
This program is a great tool for checking the temperature of any type of CPU.

Using the Open Hardware Monitor program

Download and install   this   program on your pc.
It allows you to check in real time the maximum temperatures of various computer components.
This software is compatible with the Windows operating system and with Linux, with the first it is necessary that .NET is installed on the system, with the second one you need the Mono framework.
It has a very intuitive interface and it is easy to use.

The displayed temperatures are those of the CPU, GPU, disks and motherboard.

Using the Speccy program

Download and install on your pc   this   program.
It is considered a diagnostic software rather than an intervention software.
In fact it is possible to monitor all the pc hardware (network card, video card, CPU, RAM, etc.).
Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

Using the CPUID HWMonitor program

Download and install   this   program on your pc.
The The information released is sufficient to guarantee the safety of the machine, warning the user against possible overheating or unexpected mechanical failures, which can cause irreversible damage.

In addition to the temperature, data on the voltage and fan speed: manages the most common chips, reads modern CPUs, measures the temperature of the HDDs and the GPU. It is a complete and easy to use solution, thanks to the easy to understand interface.

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