How to create innovative and engaging multimedia presentations

How to create innovative and engaging multimedia presentations

03 Marzo 2019

Today we are used to associating software such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Presentations to multimedia presentations. Today we will see alternative applications to create innovative presentations that will engage our audience.

Using Sway

It is a free software from Microsoft, you can download it from the website   (or from the Microsoft Store of Windows 10) or use the   online version. To use it you need an account free from Microsoft. It's perfect for quick presentations. You can add a text document and it will automatically create the layout.
The presentations will adapt to the size of the device screen to make the display perfect.

Using Powtoon

Through a free account you can use this platform from the website to create funny and funny presentations, it is not very suitable for formal presentations.   Using creativity you can create your presentation from scratch, use preset slides or use pre-paginated templates.

Using Prezi

You need an account to use it. With free accounts you have limitations.Through the   website   or the desktop application, if you have a paid account, you can create formal and non-formal presentations, very intuitive and dynamic. but a screen with various icons that refer to slides, you can navigate through the topics in the order you want adapting to your audience.

Using Thinglink

Through this site you can organize your documents or external links concerning a topic.
It consists in uploading an image and placing dots within it which, if clicked, will refer to some outer material. It is very useful for searches created on various platforms.

Using Lensoocreate

It is a downloadable application only on tablets Android   and   iPad
It allows you to use your device as a whiteboard, you can also record your explanation and save it for review.

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