How to delete files from your pc without leaving traces

How to delete files from your pc without leaving traces

15 Ottobre 2018

Do you have important and sensitive files on your PC that you would like to permanently delete without the possibility of recovering them through specific programs? Don't worry, we have the solution that's right for you, in fact with the help of this guide you can permanently delete files and data without anyone being able to find them again.

Eraser for Windows pc

Eraser is a simple program that allows you to add an additional function to the right click, with which to delete files without leaving a trace in a few clicks.
First download and install the program from here by clicking on the menu at the top and then selecting the download item by choosing the most recent version.
If required, also install the .Net Framework of Windows that is proposed to you in the installation menu.
Once the installation is complete, open the program (you should also find it in the windows start menu), click on Yes and reduce the program window with the appropriate button located at the top right.
To delete files or folders (remembering that the operation is irreversible and such data are not recoverable) right click on them and select the Eraser item and then select Clean.

EraserDrop for Windows pc (Portable)

EraserDrop is basically a portable and more comfortable version of Eraser useful for those who have no possibility of inst allare software.
Download the ready-made program in folder format from here. Once downloaded, extract and start the program inside and the program icon will appear on the screen (if placed in an awkward position you can move it by holding down SHIFT and left mouse button).
To delete the files just drag them above the program icon. In case you want to temporarily remove the icon, right click on it and click on the Exit item. To restore the icon, just start the program again.

CCleaner for Windows and Mac pc

CCleaner is a very useful program with many functions that helps to keep your PC clean and tidy, it allows you to clean files safely and in an extremely simple way. The program is available in both a free and a paid Pro version.
Download and install the free version from here (If you are a Mac user you can download it from here) .
Once the installation is complete, start the program.
Click on the Tools button of the program, access the Drive reclamation section, place the check mark next to the devices on which you intend to act, select the deletion mode from the Reclamation drop-down menu (you can reclaim the free space only or destroy the data on the entire drive), choose the number of times to overwrite the data from the Security drop-down menu (the higher the number, the longer the process, the lower the chances of data recovery) and, aware that this operation will make it unrecoverable the files, presses the Reclamation button to immediately start the process.

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