How to disable automatic updates of windows 10

How to disable automatic updates of windows 10

13 Aprile 2019

Windows 10 downloads and installs system updates completely automatically, leaving the end user only the choice to decide if and when to schedule a reboot (for Windows 10 Pro it is still possible to postpone updates for features, but not safety). Here are some tricks to ensure that updates are not downloaded or installed automatically.

Disabling the Windows Update service

The best solution is to type service.msc in the search field at the bottom right of the taskbar and press Enter.

Scroll through the list of services and double-click Windows Update. from the General tab, under "Startup Type" select the "Disabled" option.  

Click on "Abort" and then on "Apply".

Now move to the "Recovery" tab. Here set the value 9999 to both "Reset failed retry count after" and "Restart service after". & Nbsp;

Then in "First attempt", " Second attempt "and" Subsequent attempts "set the item" No action ".  

Click on" Apply "and" OK "and that's it.

Setting the metered connection

Microsoft wanted to protect all those who use 4G keys or portable modems through the Pay-as-you-go connection option, which consists of an Internet connection for which you pay based on downloaded data or time.

To activate this function that can disable automatic updates for Windows 10, go to the "menu" > "Settings" and click on the "Network and Internet" function. Select the "Status" item in the left column, and on the right of the screen click on the "Edit connection properties" item.

Locate the item "Pay as you go" and move the switch from OFF to ON. To complete everything, then go to "Settings" > "Devices" and tick "Download with metered connection".

Disabling the Windows Update service

Download and extract to your Desktop   this   zip file.

Once extracted navigate to "PORTABLE" > THE ARCHITECTURE OF YOUR PC (32 or 64 bit) and start "WinUpdateStop.exe".

Once started you just have to click on the "Disable" button to disable the automatic windows 10 updates.

If you want to enable them again, click on "Enable".

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