How to expedite downloads

How to expedite downloads

18 Novembre 2018

Do you have a slow internet connection and would like to download any file quickly? Below we will list some programs that are right for you.

By changing DNS server addresses

Go to your computer's control panel (Start menu> Panel control). Then go to "Rete e internet" & gt; "Center of Network and Sharing ".
In the left sidebar, go to" Change Card Settings ".
Arrived at this point, identify your active network (usually it is marked with a green check). After you locate it, come on click it with the right mouse button and select "Properties".
In the window that will appear, look for the item "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IP) ". Once you find it, click it and do" Properties ".
Now check "Use the following DNS server addresses" and type in the first row the following numbers: 8 8 8 8, while in the second: 8 8 4 4 as shown in the figure. Finally click on "Ok" and restart the pc.

Using a Mozilla Firefox extension

Download and install on Firefox this extension.
When asked if you want to add the add-on, do "Install now" and restart the Browser .
Each once you download a file from the internet, a window will appear with different items: you check the item "dTa OneClick!" and click "OK".
(max speed: 1.01 mb / s).

Using the Internet Download Manager program

Download and install Internet Download Manager on your pc.
Una once installed, wait for the program to finish configuring and to install the various extensions on all your installed browsers on your pc.
When you download a file, a dialog box will open.
All you have to do is click on the "Start Download" button
and wait for the file to download.

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