How to expedite windows 10

How to expedite windows 10

12 Febbraio 2019

All computers tend to slow down over time, especially Windows PCs, which gradually end up becoming slower and slower, with longer waiting times even for doing simple tasks like surfing the internet. This happens because its memory is filled with data and programs that consume resources and, all in all, they end up compromising the performance of any PC, even if it was of the latest generation.

Disabling visual effects and animations

Windows 10 has many graphical effects that make PCs (especially older computers) heavily burdened.

Luckily you can turn off all effects and animations present in the operating system.

In the search box type "Advanced system settings" and go to the "Advanced" tab.

Under "Performance" select "Settings" and check "Adjust for best performance", then click "OK".

To disable animations unnecessary, in the search box type "Control Panel" and go to the following path:

"Accessibility" > "Accessibility Center" > "Make viewing easier".

At this point scroll down and check "Disable all unnecessary animations (if possible)", then click on "OK ".

Disabling startup programs

Most programs that are installed on computers end up when Windows starts, making it hard to start.

In the taskbar do Right Mouse Button > "Task Manager".

Go to the "Startup" tab and locate programs that have High Startup Impact.

Once you have identified them, select them one by one and click on "Disable".

Warning !

It is advisable not to disable antivirus or antispyware programs.

Disabling Services at Windows startup

In the search box, type "System Configuration" and go to the "Services" tab.

Now put a tick on "Hide all Microsoft services" and disable all the services of programs you don't need.


Pay close attention to what you disable.

Now uncheck "Hide all Microsoft services" and disable the following Microsoft services:

* AllJoyn router service

* BitLocker Drive Encryption Service

* Encryption Services

* Fax

* Server

* Workstation

* Auto Remote Access Connection Manager

* Remote Access Connection Manager

* Store Demo Service

* Smart card removal policy

* Remote Desktop Configuration

* Telephony

* Remote Desktop Services

* Hyper-V Guest Service Interface

* Hyper-V Heartbeat Service

* Hyper-V Data Exchange Service

* Hyper-V Remote Desktop Virtualization Service

* Hyper-V Guest Shutdown Service

* Hyper-V Time Synchronization Service

* Hyper-V Virtual Machine Session Service

* Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Requestor

Finally click on "OK" and restart your PC.

Disabling Background applications

Go to the following path:

"Settings" & gt; "Privacy" & gt; "App in the Background"

and disable all applications and / or programs you don't use.

Disabling Cortana and all its services

Download and extract the files present in the   following archive .

Start the "Uninstall Cortana.cmd" file with Administrative Privileges.

Wait a couple of minutes for the procedure to finish, then restart your PC.

A Computer restarted in the taskbar do:

Right Mouse Button > "Cortana" > "Hidden".

Cleaning and defragmenting the System Registry

By installing and removing dozens of applications from your PC, the Windows registry is now chock full of useless entries related to non-software more present in the system. This leads to sudden slowdowns.  

It is therefore a good idea to clean up these unnecessary entries.

Download, install and run   this   small software on your PC.

After starting it click on "Scan Complete" and wait for the analysis to finish.

When the process is finished click on "Cleaning".

Now go to the "Defragmentation" tab and click on "Analyze", then do " Defrag ".

After that, restart your PC.

Removing Viruses and Adware

It often happens that computer slowdowns are due to the presence of viruses or adware.

Download, install and run   this   powerful Antimalware.

Once started click on "Scan Complete" and wait for the scan to finish.

Once the scan is complete, remove all detected threats and restart your PC.

Installing a version of Windows 10 Ultra Light

Microsoft released in 2015 along with Windows 10 Home and Pro a Lite version for older computers.

This version of Windows does not have any pre-installed apps (such as Edge, 3d Builder and other apps) and neither does Cortana.  

It's a clean version of Windows.

Below is the link to download Windows 10 LTSB Evaluation in Italian (90 days free trial).

Select   ISO - LTSB.

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