How to expedite your pc

How to expedite your pc

10 Dicembre 2018

One of the things that users have always tried to do is 'make the pc go' faster. Over the years, various programs have emerged that promise miracles, but which, in the end, do not bring any benefits. There are actually several ways to speed up your pc. We will list some of them below.

Overclocking your computer's CPU

Overclocking is the best known way to increase the speed of your computer. It consists in increasing the frequency of the CPU and the FSB (Front Side Bus).

The risks of Overclocking are many. We mention a few:

Increase in electricity consumption

The computer produces more heat

The CPU wears out sooner.

In the next article we will explain in depth how to perform Overclocking on any PC.

Increasing RAM

A practical and safe method to increase the speed of your computer consists in increasing the RAM memory.

Before purchasing RAM memories, it is advisable to write down all the technical characteristics of the RAM of your computer, from the model to the transfer frequency.

Removing unused programs

Whenever possible, avoid installing heavy programs as they take up most of your computer's memory and uninstall programs that you rarely use.

Download Portable programs if possible (No installation required) .

Defragmenting the Hard Disk

The Hard Disk becomes fragmented over time causing slowdowns on your computer.  

Every i should defragment it.

To defragment it you can use the Windows Disk Defragmentation utility.

Go to    

Start     >   All programs     >   Accessories   >   System Utilities     >   Defragmentation utility .

For later versions of Windows go to the search field of the start menu and write " Defragment and optimize drives ".

Once the utility is open click on" Optimize "or" Defragment "(It depends on the version of Windows you are using).

Wait a couple of hours and then restart your computer.

Cleaning the System Registry

After many installations and uninstallations, in fact, the registry system fills up with useless keys and fragments.

It is a good idea to clean and defragment it.

A well known program is   CCleaner.

After installing it go to "Registry" and click on "Find Problems" and wait a couple of minutes.

Once the search is complete, click on "Repair Selected".

Finally restart your computer.

Disabling autostart programs

One of the main causes of a slow computer is programs that start automatically when the PC is turned on, programs that require no user action and start running one in the background, often unnoticed.

Background programs can be seen in the notification area of ​​the Windows desktop near the clock.

To disable their automatic start go to "Run" (WIN + R) and type "msconfig", open the "Start" tab to see a list of programs.

For each of them there is a checkbox that, if removed, deactivates the automatic start of the same, without uninstalling them.

Click on " OK "after making your choices and restart your computer.

For later versions of Windows, in the Windows taskbar (the bar below the desktop), do  

Right Mouse Button     >   Task Manager .

Click on" More details "and go to the" Start "tab.

If you want to disable a program just click on it and then click "Disable". Finally, click "OK".

Note that the startup impact is displayed next to each program (None , Low, Medium, High) .It is recommended to disable Medium-High impact programs.

Restart your computer to make the changes.

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