How to fix your pc internet connection

How to fix your pc internet connection

02 Gennaio 2019

Almost everyone in the house has had problems with the Wi-Fi connection at least once. This can prevent us from working at our best or not being able to watch our favorite TV series on services like Netflix. Fortunately, however, there are a whole series of "tricks" to be used to improve the connection.

By doing a computer malware scan

One of the main causes of slowdowns or sudden blocks of the internet connection are malware.

So I recommend you download   this   AntiMalware.

After installing it run a full scan of your computer.

Finally remove the detected malware (By clicking on "Move items to Quarantine) and restart your pc.

Using the Windows Troubleshooter

Windows provides everyone with a tool that can detect and correct problems related to the internet connection.

To use it, right-click on the 'icon of your active connection> Troubleshoot (It is located on the taskbar at the bottom right next to the clock).

After a couple of minutes it will return a message with written whether your connection was successfully restored or not.

Using the Complete Internet Repair tool

Complete Internet Repair, does not require installation, is perhaps one of the best iori tool to repair the internet connection.

Everything is done easily through a simple and intuitive graphical interface. All you have to do is select the connection sectors on which to intervene and start the repair by clicking the "Go!" Button. At the end you will be asked to restart your computer to apply the corrections in order to check if the internet is working correctly the next time Windows starts.

Using the NetAdapter Repair All In One tool

NetAdapter Repair All In One   is another good free, portable program, very similar to Complete Internet Repair.

By default when you click the "Advanced Repair" button, the application intervenes with the repair of the WinSok, TCP and IP network part, delete any proxy and VPN settings, and repair (restore) the Windows firewall. Obviously it also performs other repairs.

Here too, as in Complete Internet Repair, you must select the interventions you want to apply to the connection and then start the repair by clicking the "Run All Selected" button ". At the end the program may ask you to restart your computer to apply the repairs.

Using the Connectivity Fixer tool

Connectivity Fixer, requires installation, is a well-known Badosoft program for fix internet connection problems. Too bad, however, that the Free version of the program can only solve problems due to the WinSock and IP part of the network, while the Pro version intervenes on several areas such as NetAdapter Repair All In One and Complete Internet Repair, which in fact should be addressed in this case.

To solve internet connection problems with Connectivity Fixer simply click the "Solve Now" button.

At the end the program could ask to restart your computer to apply repairs.

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