How to force windows 11 installation with no requirements

How to force windows 11 installation with no requirements

06 Luglio 2021

The minimum requirements for running the operating system are very restrictive. Therefore, your PC, especially those with a few years behind it, may display the message “Cannot run Windows 11 on this PC” during installation. In the following article we will explain how to get around the new limitations imposed by Microsoft on the presence of the TPM chip and Secure Boot in order to install Windows 11.

Before proceeding you need to have:

  • Windows 11 .ISO file (LINK )
  • .REG file to bypass TPM and Secure Boot checking (LINK)

Create the pendrive with your favorite tool containing the operating system.

Once created copy the .REG file downloaded to the pendrive .

Now restart your PC by choosing boot from USB stick .

Arrived at the screen of the choice of the operating system edition , launch the Command Prompt using the combination of keys SHIFT + F10 .

Run Notepad now by typing “ notepad ”and giving Enter.

At this point click on“ Open "and locate your pendrive.

In order to view the REG file that you need to choose to view all files , instead of the default .txt.

You should now see the affected file, select it and right click "join" from the drop-down menu .

In the window that appears click on yes “.

After confirming that everything went well you can close both Notepad and Command Prompt .

Done! At this point select the preferred edition and the installation will continue normally , without being blocked due to the incompatibility of the PC with the TPM chip and SecureBoot.

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