These strict controls allow a community that is always clean and perfectly organized, without overloading our systems.

Where applicable, Rule is valid for the whole site.


  • Registrations are open to everyone.

  • Every month a verification of new registrations is carried out and if we verify a fake or invalid registration, it will be removed immediately from our system.

  • After each registration you need to verify your email.

  • It is forbidden to use invalid or temporary email addresses.


  • In this section of the site you can earn money simply by playing.

  • Each game of each game is associated with virtual coins based on the score obtained.

  • Once you have reached a certain threshold of virtual currencies, you can convert them into cash or vouchers.

  • Each game has a unique way to assign coins based on the score obtained (See the "Scoring" section of each game).

  • It is also possible to earn coins through the Daily Bonus ( the more consecutive days you play the more coins you earn ). To get this bonus you need to receive at least one coin in any game on that particular day.

  • There are no games where you earn more coins.

  • Each game has an autoclicker control. If detected, no points are scored in the game.

  • Whenever you want to convert virtual currencies into money or vouchers, you need to wait for a maximum of 7 working days.

  • Furthermore, for each request received (money or vouchers) a thorough check will be made on the game sessions made.

  • If abnormal activity is detected, the award request will be refused.


  • It is possible to become a donor by donating a small amount in the section Donation of the site.

  • To become a donor you need to register (or log in) to the site.

  • Donor users can download all operating systems on the site.


  • It is possible to become a VIP User by donating a sum in the section Donazione of the site.

  • To become a VIP User you need to register (or log in) to the site.

  • VIP Users can access all the features of the site such as fast and immediate downloads without any waiting time and without advertising.


  • It is forbidden to have more than one Account.

  • Forbidden to surf with Proxy or anonymous IP addresses.

  • Forbidden to use fake Accounts on Facebook, on the Site.

  • Inactive Accounts will be automatically deleted if the user does not reactivate the account through a specific email alert.

  • Deleted accounts will not be & nbsp; restored, you will need to register again.


  • For each published article, the Administrators will perform a thorough check on the quality of the article and if it is inappropriate, the article will be immediately removed from the site.

  • It is strictly forbidden to write articles about hacking.

  • It is allowed to write only LEGAL articles.


  • The reports of problems regarding damaged links must be made only through the "Report a problem" button present under each download section.

  • Link Offline reports will be processed as quickly as possible.


  • No offensive or sexually referenced language in comments, usernames, emails or other data.

  • Forbidden to comment with & nbsp; invalid or temporary email addresses.

  • Comments deemed unnecessary will be deleted without warning.

  • Excessively off-topic comments from the article will be deleted.

  • Forbidden to post external links of competitors in comments even on Facebook.

  • Before leaving a comment, read the previous ones to avoid questions already asked both on Facebook and in the article.

  • No registration is required to comment.

  • The Administration reserves the approval of the comments personally.


  • Do not download files from elsewhere and then come to us asking for help or anything else.

  • We don't support things not taken from our site.

  • Don't expect anything, ask politely, don't spam on Facebook and in articles asking for the same things.

Any violation, whether aware or not, of the Rules can lead to a permanent or temporary ban , of your account and / or the Site.
Thank you for reading the rules (but remember to consult it in case of doubts).